SAE AS82819

SAE AS82819 Bearings, Plain, Self-Aligning, Self-Lubricating, 300 cpm Oscillation (13 fpm), -65 to +160 °F (-54 to +71 °C), Liners Less Than 0.015 inches

standard by SAE International, 05/08/2013

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This standard covers the requirements for spherical, self-aligning, self-lubricating, bearings which are for use in the ambient temperature range of -65 to +160 degree F (-54 to 71 degree C) at high cyclic speeds 300 cpm (13 fpm) for liners with a thickness less than 0.015 inch. The scope of this standard is to provide a liner system qualification procedure for helicopter sliding bearings defined and controlled by source control drawings. Once a liner system is qualified, the source-controlled bearings are further tested under application conditions.

Under Department of Defense (DoD) Policies and Procedures, any qualification requirements and associated Qualified Products List (QPLs) are mandatory for DoD contracts. Any materials relating to QPLs have not been adopted by SAE and are not part of this SAE technical document.


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